Commodity Trading:

  • Minerals and Ores - Copper; Chrome; Manganese; Iron; Nickel; Tungsten
  • Coal and Coke - run-of mine coal; peas & nuts; fines; foundry & met coke
  • Chemicals & reagents - Cyanide; Primary & secondary collectors; pH modifiers; Flocculants & Depressants; acids; lab chemicals
  • Petroleum Products - Bulk Diesel; Petrol; Paraffin; Avgas; Jet A1;HFO; Oils and Lubricants
  • Agricultural products:
    • Inputs (Seed, Fertiliser, Chemicals, Implements)
    • Outputs – Grains (white/Yellow maize; wheat; Sorghum; Rice; Sugar); Oilseeds (Soya, Beans, Groundnuts); Crude Vegetable Oils; Stock feed additives, e.g. DL Methionine
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Various Commodity